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Finding the right keywords for a wedding photographer: 3 strategies for SEO

Finding the right keywords for your website is an important step in its SEO.

As you may have noticed in my previous articles, I attach a lot of importance to SEO. And when we talk about SEO, we think about keywords.

Generally, this is one of the first points to be considered. However, this step is not as simple as you can imagine! Here, the key word is strategic. Yes, strategic.

And you know what? In this article, I’ll share with you 3 strategies to effectively find the right keywords for your wedding photographer website.

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Why is it essential to find keywords for your wedding photographer website?

First of all, you have to understand that keywords are the link between your content and the searches of the Internet users. From this observation, you understand that the keyword strategy is not to be taken lightly.

If you spend any time on the web, you have probably seen that we are in the content era. Indeed, today, Google’s algorithm is mainly based on content and its relevance to establish its rankings.

In this way, it is essential to organize and optimize your photographer’s website so that it meets all the new requirements of our dear Google…

Vous ne devez donc pas laisser de côté les mots-clés ! D’ailleurs, dans l’article SEO pour photographe, j’avais commencé à vous dévoiler l’importance de la stratégie mots-clés. Concrètement et avant de rentrer plus en détails, gardez en tête que ceux-ci influent directement sur le classement de votre site et donc le nombre de visites sur celui-ci.

Starting out in SEO: what type of keywords to use ?

There are different types of keywords and it is important to know them when you want to implement your SEO strategy.

In the article SEO for photographer, I talked about specific keywords and generic keywords.

Here, for a photographer starting in SEO and wishing to make his website climb in Google searches, I strongly recommend to focus on keywords called long trail (or long tail in French). Because at the beginning, you will see that it is very complicated to target a competitive keyword strategy.

Contrary to priority or competitive keywords, long tail keywords are more specific, more targeted. In this way, users land on your site through a specific search.

It may sound complicated… but in reality it is extremely simple! Here is an example to enlighten you:

Priority keywords: wedding photographer

Long trail keyword : retro bohemian style wedding photographer

The big advantage here is that you position yourself on a much less competitive environment and thus, you maximize your chances of being referenced on a specific keyword. In my opinion, this method is certainly the most suitable when you are a beginner in SEO.

3 strategies to find keywords for your wedding photography website

To find the right keywords for your wedding photographer website, there are different methods that are very complementary. I apply them on a daily basis and I don’t hesitate to do many trials to observe the most successful strategies.

Find keywords intuitively

Well, you’ll tell me, it’s not always easy to put yourself in the head of the users when they do their research. But as a professional, you just need to take off your photographer’s hat for a while and ask yourself: what are your customers looking for?

A wedding photographer. Yes, but where?

A wedding photographer. Yes, but how much does a wedding photographer cost?

In general, the first step to finding the right keywords is to define your persona. The persona, you know, is that fictitious person who is your ideal customer.

Once your persona is defined, it is necessary to understand its different needs.

In our case, we are talking about a couple who will get married in July in Seine-et-Marne for example.

What is their need here? A wedding photographer available in Seine-et-Marne for a couple shooting.

What will be their search? ” wedding photographer Seine et Marne shooting couple”.

What will be the keywords to put on your website: “wedding photographer”, “Seine-et-Marne” and “couple shooting”.

Of course, all this is just an example, but you must get into the habit of adopting this process.

For a wedding photographer, keywords are usually associated with locations and types of shoots.

That’s why you can create targeted pages for each location on your site. Let me explain.

By creating for example pages “wedding photographer Fontainebleau” “wedding photographer Vincennes” “wedding photographer Val de Marne”… you multiply your chances to be referenced on the following keywords.

Find keywords with free tools

Once you have intuitively defined your keywords, there is a more efficient way to ensure that they will perform.

Here you can use Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword planner stratégie mots-clés

Moreover, it’s not an additional tool you’ll have to pay for because you can find it directly in your Google Ads account.

As the name suggests, Google Keyword Planner is a keyword planner. In concrete terms, its search tool helps you find relevant keywords related to your business. Of course based on the popularity and frequency of searches.

It gives you suggestions to integrate into your keyword list to then implement your SEO strategy.

Find keywords using tools you have to pay

Finally, there are extremely powerful tools that can do all this research for you.

Yooda Insight

I already talked about Yooda Insight in several of my previous articles, but it turns out that this tool has become indispensable to me on a daily basis, especially for keywords.

yooda insight mots-clés explorer

In fact, there is a market explorer section that shows you the most used searches, the number of Google searches per month for them but also the number of people already using these keywords.

This gives you an overall view of whether or not your intuition is relevant. Of course, Yooda offers you the most relevant keywords for your business.

Before buying the version, I recommend that you test its effectiveness with the 4 or 5 free trials allowed by the platform.


Finally, Semrush is a tool I discovered more recently.

Semrush is a very complete tool that offers you a “Keyword Overview”. This allows you to make a quick analysis of the keywords existing on your website and directs you to the current trends in organic search.

The keyword overview is extremely complete and I advise you to take advantage of the trial version to test your keywords.

Bonus: the discovery of the week

While writing this article, I came across an extremely interesting plugin that I was eager to try. It is Keywords Everywhere.

Keywords Everywhere is a plugin compatible with Chrome or Firefox.

When enter your query in the search bar, a window opens on your right offering you a whole series of associated keywords ranked according to the number of monthly searches. Moreover, this plugin offers you a list of the most searched long trail keywords! Moreover, it’s free and extremely easy to understand!

To conclude, I think it is essential to take into account that implementing a relevant keyword strategy is the beginning of any successful SEO strategy. Yes, this is what will allow you to generate quality traffic!