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Coffrets en bois mariage
Clé USB en bois souvenirs
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Coffrets en bois souvenirs
Clé USB souvenirs en bois
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Coffrets souvenirs mariage
Clé en bois mariage
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Coffret en bois naturel
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Your memories are unique

To create beautiful paper souvenirs of your wedding day, we offer a wide choice of top-of-the-range books and boxes. These fully customizable books summarize your wedding day. There’s nothing more precious than preserving such memories in the form of an album you can leaf through without moderation. A fully customizable book The photo book is the ideal way to preserve your most beautiful wedding memories on quality paper. It lets you relive the key moments of your special day and share them with friends and family. Several models are available, and depending on your preferences, you can freely choose the type of coating, size, number of pages and quality of paper used (fine art or glossy). You can select up to 100 of your favorite photos and fill your album as you wish.


The replica book is a miniature version of your wedding album. It makes a wonderful gift for parents or witnesses. The content is similar to that of your original book.

Livre réplique de mariage
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You also have the option of receiving an attractive wooden box to preserve your book. You can add an engraving of your name or initials, for example. There are several types of box, depending on what you want. The double box, with two compartments in which to place your printed photos and the solid wood USB key containing the gallery; and the single box (a single compartment).