Exemple d'un contrat de photographe de mariage

Example of a wedding photographer contract

The wedding photographer’s contract secures the relationship and the service between the two parties: the client, i.e. the bride and groom, and you, the wedding photographer.

Last week, I showed you an example of a wedding photographer’s quote, and I told you that it was always essential to include a contract.

Therefore, you must have a signed written proof of your agreement which will allow, in case of litigation, to assert your rights (and those of your clients).

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Why is it essential to draw up a contract?

As for the quote, for a wedding photographer, the contract is a sign of trust and shows his professionalism. Indeed, the future bride and groom will tend to prefer a wedding photographer who offers a contract. This one will certainly seem more serious and professional to them.

Also, having all the clauses on paper avoids misunderstandings. Sometimes, a lack of oral communication or an oversight is enough to generate an unnecessary dispute. On the other hand, if everything is stipulated in black and white, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises!

Finally, although as a photographer, you have rights to your creations, your clients also have rights to their images, hence the importance of the contract! Especially if you want to publish their photos on your website or your social networks for example. Here, we are talking about the respect of the right to image!

What to add to your wedding photographer contract?

First, the top of the contract must legibly show:

Information about your company:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your company’s siret number
  • The APE code
  • Followed by the mention ” hereafter ” the Photographer ” “.

Information about your clients, the future bride and groom:

The name and surname of the groom (same for the bride)
His/her address
His/her phone number
His/her email address
Followed by the mention ” hereafter ” the bride and groom ” “.

The 5 clauses that must be included in the contract

The purpose of the contract and the choice of the package

This article details the nature of the service as well as the date of the event. All information regarding the wedding must be notified.

Price, additional fees and payment terms

In this clause, we must find the price as well as the details of it (coverage on the day, preparation and development of photos …). If additional travel or accommodation fees are added, they must also be indicated.

We also find in this clause, the information related to the terms of payment.

Image rights and intellectual property rights

This clause is extremely important for the wedding photographer. It is the one that will allow you to share your work as well as to promote it.

We must find here an article on the intellectual property and one on the right to the image.

Procedures in case of cancellation or postponement

This article indicates the conditions in case of cancellation by the photographer, the bride and groom or in case of force majeure.

This situation can happen, and even more so today with Covid-19 and the many restrictions associated with it. It is therefore essential to stipulate in the contract the reimbursement policy for this type of situation.

The terms of delivery of the photos

Your contract must also include a clause informing you about the terms of delivery of the photos. You must therefore indicate the number, the delivery time and the form (USB key, album…)

Finally, this contract must be concluded with the written acknowledgement of the bride and groom and the photographer by a signature preceded by the words “read and approved”.

The contract is therefore extremely important to guarantee the quality of your service.

I have also shared with you an example that you can download. However, it is always better to contact a lawyer or a legal expert in the field.