Séance photo de coule au Château de la Plaudière

A Vintage wedding in the Centre-Val de Loire

On June 5th, Alice and Alban offered us a beautiful vintage wedding in the Centre-Val de Loire.

A castle, guests, a full church, a festive ceremony… it’s been a long time since I covered such a wedding! 

Indeed, Covid has been hitting and restricting us lately. Some have cancelled, some have postponed and some have chosen to keep the original date. 

On my side, the wedding coverage was limited to a civil ceremony and a couple’s photo shoot. 

As you can imagine, I was eager to get back to work!

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A wedding to open the summer season

And it is the wedding of Alice and Alban, a radiant couple full of good vibes that opened the ball of the summer season.

The couple had rented the charming Château de la Plaudière, an authentic place in the Centre-Val de Loire. When I arrived at the location, I was already in my element and couldn’t wait to start photographing this beautiful day.

The preparations went perfectly, men on one side and women on the other. The atmosphere and the champagne were there!

We then organized the discovery between the bride and groom in the garden of the castle. The emotions were at their peak, the bride and groom discovered each other before saying yes in front of their loved ones.

Later, we left for theAbbaye Saint-Martin de Massay, an abbey of resplendent charm. As a great lover of old monuments, I was really amazed by its beauty.

Back at the castle, we attended a nice cocktail with speeches, laughs and a lot of emotions.

Finally, curfew obliges, we each took the road around 8 pm. 

It was a beautiful wedding and. I didn’t cover such a big ceremony like this since last October. It motivated me even more to start this summer season!