A bohemian wedding in Burgundy

It’s touching to see loves that last over time… Maïlys and Julien met on the benches of the high school, and since then nothing has separated them.

A year ago, the couple called me from Reunion Island to organize an engagement session, before their wedding which took place a year later in Burgundy.

Because of the lockdown, we had to wait to meet us. Finally we met in the Bois de Boulogne. At first, they were not very comfortable in front of the camera, and yet their complicity was amply reflected in all the photos. Delighted with the result, they were more confident for the future.

On the wedding day, after the preparations, and surrounded by their most loyal friends, they met in the Square Kobern-Gondorf. They had already experienced this scene. Indeed, as teenagers, they used to spend their time in this square. An almost nostalgic remake of the meeting of these two groups of friends. For me, it was a real pleasure to capture such beautiful energies.

The secular ceremony had a vintage bohemian theme. Thus, the decor, their outfits, the setting let us enter a lovely and unique universe. One by one, the relatives made speeches, bringing back memories of a beautiful love story. It was time to learn more about them. 

Later in the day, the sunset offered us a beautiful show. We took the opportunity to continue with a couple’s photo session. The light allowed us to take some lovely pictures.

The bride and groom then joined their guests, who had a nice surprise in store for them. All with a candle in their hands, it was the beginning of a magical evening…


Their feedback :

During the year that preceded our wedding, we had the opportunity to exchange several times with Aymen who was very available and always extremely friendly and enthusiastic. That allowed us to define together our desires and to be at ease in his presence on the D-day. The wedding report was delivered very quickly and the photos are beautiful, with a superb retouching work, Aymen knew how to define our universe and to sublimate it, we are delighted!

The service providers :

Location : La Marquise, Saint-Gratien-Savigny

Makeup :  Poudre de Fée, Chloé Ploncard de Dijon 

DJ : Seb and Co DJ

Caterer : Vincent Bernigaud à Decize

Suit : Jordan Malka 

Civil ceremony suit : Anthony Garçon

Dress : By Romance 

Flowers : Maison Fleurs Fabre

Decoration : La Vaisselle d’Augustine

Accessories : Les couronnes de Victoire

Organiser : Orane Célébrations