An elegant wedding in the Château de Séréville

A lot of people say that the best season to get married is summer. So, to close this period, Camille and Gildéric organised a very beautiful wedding in the Château de Séréville.

Between piano and accordion, Gildéric is having some scouting adventures. Camille loves to sing and dance.

Together, they form a very charming couple. It’s really not complicated to be immersed in their world! 

Le jour du mariage au Château de Séréville

Their wedding took place at the Château de Séréville, in La Belliole, a pretty little town in Burgundy. This is where they prepared themselves, helped by their close friends and family.

Then, we went to the Cathedral of Sens. The wedding was normally planned in a small church in the area. However, because of the Covid-19, they had to find another place that could accommodate nearly 200 guests. An incredible chance to come across this cathedral!

It was one of the most grandiose places I had ever seen.

The atmosphere and the energy of the scouts were felt during the ceremony, especially with all the joyful songs.

After this wonderful religious ceremony, we returned to the Château de Séréville. The last rays of sun were shining, offering us a perfect setting for the couple’s photos.

Following this, we all gathered around the cocktail party, animated by beautiful speeches and games.

The evening opened with a father-daughter dance, accompanied by the talented Gildéric and his accordion.

I think, It was the perfect wedding to close the summer period and give way to autumn.

Their feedback :

“The ideal photographer

Discreet and efficient, his patience, kindness and professionalism impressed us. The result is simply extraordinary. The photos are beautiful, in an elegant and refined style, with a highlight in the bride and groom and what is important to them. We recommend it twice over! “

Les prestataires :