An engagement session in Paris

While in Paris, Maïlys and Julien took part in an engagement photo session a year before their wedding.

So it was in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne that we found ourselves for the shoot.

They had contacted me 9 months earlier from the intense island of Reunion to tell me about their plans to get married in Burgundy, and their desire to have an engagement session shortly before the big day.

In view of the health situation, we had to wait patiently for the end of the lockdown to meet up in Paris, at the Bois de Boulogne. It’s a place that, I find, offers the possibility of superb outdoor photos, for couples, families and even portrait sessions.

Unparalleled complicity beyond the lens

At first, they weren’t very comfortable in front of the lens. Used to this kind of situation, I was able to relax them, keep a low profile, and the rest of the session took place in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere.

They almost forgot that I was there with them… In fact, it wasn’t so difficult, as their complicity was perfectly reflected in each of the photos.

MaÏlys and Julien met in high school, and nothing has separated them since.

A year later, in the middle of August, under a beautiful Burgundian sun, we met again for the big day. The theme of the wedding was vintage bohemia. A beautiful and emotional secular ceremony awaited us. Discover Maïlys and Julien’s wedding: a bohemian wedding in Burgundy

Discover Maïlys and Julien’s engagement session!