A shooting for the Lanadra brand at the Manoir du Tronchet

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to do a shoot for the wedding accessories brand Lanadra at the Manoir du Tronchet.

Do you know Lanadra ? The brand of bridal accessories with a sunny and glamorous atmosphere?

Nadia has taken up the challenge of highlighting the elegance and finesse that lie dormant in every woman. Through splendid handcrafted creations, the brand offers a range of accessories inspired by the Arabo-Andalusian world.

I admired the philosophy of the house and was very excited to shoot their latest collection.

And our meeting only confirmed my opinion. 

The precision and detail of each piece is absolutely incredible. So the challenge was here: I had to highlight this meticulous work.

The shoot was originally scheduled for early June and we had agreed to shoot in beautiful Parisian gardens. Unfortunately the weather did not allow us to shoot that day. A blessing in disguise, as they say, since the postponement of the shoot gave us the opportunity to imagine things in a bigger way!

And why don’t we contact other providers? A makeup artist, a florist, a dress designer and even a manor! We were motivated to organize a real collaboration with beautiful artists

Successful bet, in a few weeks, we contacted beautiful people who absolutely did not hesitate to provide their creations the time of the shooting!

First of all, Miyoko Yasumoto, better known as Une maison dans les arbres. Her breathtaking floral universe in which each colored composition tells a story, did not leave us indifferent. Miyoko took part in the game and proposed us, for this shooting, a magnificent bouquet of dried flowers in which pink was predominant.

We also had a beautiful model that day, Déborah Marie who was moreover styled by the Parisian makeup artist and hairdresser MKAmorgane.This one knew how to put forward the beautiful creations of Lanadra by proposing its purified and refined style.

To dress Deborah, we had to find beautiful wedding dresses that would fit the style of the shoot. So we contacted two designers. First of all, the trendy brand of the moment, very coveted by the brides, Elsa Gary. She was kind enough to lend us a dress for the shoot. 

The young Tunisian designer Amin Hajri, was also excited to participate. He then provided us with a piece from his new collection, a beautiful, glamorous and modern dress.

Finally, although we had originally agreed to shoot at the Jardin des Bagatelles, an opportunity presented itself. The beautiful Manoir du Tronchet offered us to occupy the place for the afternoon. We were able to take advantage of this beautiful setting to organize the session.

The day of the shooting at the Manoir du Tronchet

The day of the shooting, I went to the place around 3pm. I was amazed by the beauty of the domain and the diversity of the settings in which we could shoot.

The afternoon followed its course and the atmosphere was there. We were all happy to meet each other and very excited to do this shoot together.

For me, the challenge was great. It was necessary to highlight the work of each person, to propose poses on which each piece and its details were put forward. 

Everyone was very happy with the result. That’s why I’m very proud to share it with you today!