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Some tips for organizing your pregnancy shoot

Organizing a pregnancy shoot is to immortalize this unique moment of life to create magical memories. 

Pregnancy is a stage filled with emotions, joy, fear, but especially impatience. And it is very common today, to organize its pregnancy shooting in order to capture all this.

In this article, I give you 5 tips to organize yours! But don’t forget that the most important thing is to enjoy!

5 tips for your pregnancy shoot

Choose the right time

To get great pregnancy photos, I recommend waiting until you have a nice round belly. Generally, I recommend to moms to organize the session around the 8th month.

Indeed, at this time you are still in great shape and the belly make the photos absolutely beautiful.

Choose the right place

As for the choice of the place to organize the pregnancy session, it is up to you.

Some prefer to shoot indoors. It is the occasion to have more intimate, naked photos… Others are more comfortable outside: in a park, a garden, in the forest… 

And in this case, the photos will be more natural, more magical.

Of course, the choice of location also depends on the period. In winter, couples tend to favor home shoots. For example, at Christmas, a couple asked me to organize their session at the foot of the tree: An indoor pregnancy photo session in Paris.

In spring/summer, with the arrival of the beautiful days and the trees in bloom, it is often more pleasant to shoot outside. It happened to me to realize several sessions in a bohemian style in woods, parks : A pregnancy photoshoot in the Bois de Vincennes

Select the right clothing and accessories

For the pregnancy session, you will need to plan an appropriate outfit. I recommend that you choose clothes that are light and plain enough to show off your shape and that you feel comfortable in.

You can also bring some accessories. I often advise you to bring a tablecloth with you for seated photos. 

Many couples also come with accessories for the future baby: shoes, comforter, little note … I find it very nice, it creates beautiful memories and leaves a legacy to your child.

Come with your family!

Some people think that pregnancy photo shoots are exclusively for moms. But no!

As a couple or as a family, come with the future big brother/sister and your companion. This will create beautiful memories and above all a great moment of complicity!

Of course, you can also come alone to have more intimate photos: a unique moment between you and the baby.

And above all, enjoy and be yourself!

My style

I offer pregnancy photos that are usually quite bright. I like to highlight your belly, your emotions and every detail of the session.

For each shooting, I create a poetic and romantic atmosphere. I always remain in the authenticity by proposing photos relatively relaxed and especially very natural. 

Discover my pregnancy shootings

Now you have all the cards in hand to organize your pregnancy shoot as serenely as possible. Be relaxed and keep in mind that these photos will be for you and for the baby beautiful memories to share!