Offrez une séance grossesse

A pregnancy session in Meudon

I am delighted to reveal the first post-confinement photo shoot with Stéphanie and Valentin. After this strange period, I could only look forward to making photo sessions again.

So it was during a pregnancy session that I met these two future parents. To immortalize the memories of this magical period, we went to the Etang de Trivaux which is in the heart of the forest of Meudon. Upon arriving at the site, I was pleasantly surprised by the magical setting: a white ground that looks like snow and tall trees surrounding the edge of a pond letting the sun shine through.

Stéphanie and Valentin are a lovely couple. We get along very well. I found no difficulty in directing them … In short, a real pleasure! I let you discover, through the pictures, two different atmospheres: an Orange and Teal atmosphere that reminds an autumn look thanks to the white floor and the colors of their clothes and a softer atmosphere with more natural colors.

Feedback from Stéphanie and Valentin

“Hello Aymen,

Thank you very much for the photo gallery, we are absolutely delighted with the final rendering. Indeed the colors are really well highlighted through your three “themes” and we didn’t expect better, it’s great! Thank you and good evening and see you soon, Stéphanie, Valentine… and baby. “