Which theme to choose for your wedding ?

Finding a theme for your wedding is not the easiest step. Don’t worry, it’s not mandatory.

Many continue to celebrate their wedding in a traditional way. So, classic theme or original proposal?

As a wedding photographer, I highly recommend to find a theme.

Indeed, it is also the way to personalize and make unique your big day. A themed wedding will create a harmony and a story arc in your photo report.

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How to find the theme of your wedding?

In general, the choice of the theme of the wedding is the first step in the organization of this one.

In fact, you have all the freedom to choose the theme of your wedding. But the most complicated part is usually to agree with your spouse… Because at the end of the day, the idea is to find the one that best represents your couple. The theme that looks like both of you!

You have a common hobby? A musical style? Or a favorite color? Do you like natural style or do you prefer sophisticated one?

Discuss your respective tastes and why not even brainstorm together!

In fact, I am sure you will find THE theme that gathers you.

And for those who are lacking in inspiration, it’s a gift, here I give you 5 themes that are trendy right now!

The 5 wedding themes of the moment


The big trend for a few years now: the bohemian chic theme.

I think you must have heard about it!

And it’s true that it’s a pretty nice theme: a mix between chic and natural, romantic and simple, elegant and authentic.

In short, this style of wedding is suitable for couples who wish to celebrate their union in an unconventional and traditional way, adding a dimension of freedom and lightness.


How about a trip back to the 50’s for your wedding? The vintage theme is the perfect combination of retro charm and modernity.

The colors are bright, the outfits quite fun and the decor extremely designed.

Vintage has been a real trend again for several years now. And if you want to get in the Grease mood, this is totally for you.

But don’t forget the car!


Ah, the great classic! For lovers of love, elegance and finesse, this is the style of wedding you should opt for.

The romantic wedding is timeless and so magical. Who hasn’t dreamed it one day?


Are you more in love with nature, greenery, simple and authentic things? The rustic theme wedding remains one of the easiest to organize.

No need for excessive decorations or accessories, just find a quiet place in the country to organize your big day.


The Wild West, hats, cowboy boots, it tells you something? The country theme is totally different from the classic image of a wedding. But that’s what we like, right?

Here, the goal is neither to be modern nor to be chic but to celebrate your big day surrounded by nature, animals and simplicity. So, are you tempted?

Well, as you can see, there are various wedding themes. In this article, I just have presented 5 main trends of the moment. It’s up to you to find the one that suits you the most!