Arrivée de la mariée au bras de sa mère lors de la cérémonie laïque

How to organize the “First Look” for your wedding?

The”first look”of the bride and groom, that tells you something?

During my first meeting with the bride and groom, this is usually a question that we discuss together. How to make their first look a unique, magical and romantic moment?

That’s why I thought that giving you some tips on how to organize your own was certainly a subject that would interest you. And above all, during our meeting, you will hold all the cards to tell me about the first look of your dreams!

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But concretely, what is the first look?

French people speak of “découverte”. The first look is in fact the moment when the bride and groom reveal themselves to each other. The moment when their eyes meet for the first time on the big day.

Because as you know, in the tradition, the bride and groom prepare each on their own and generally have no idea of the dress, the costume or even the look of their spouse. 

This practice creates the element of surprise of the reunion, but also the starting point of a new life united by marriage.

The first look is therefore that moment during which emotions are at their peak. And it is on my side, a moment that I find extremely strong to capture.

Which scenario should you choose for your first look?

When we talk about discovery, we tend to think of the traditional entrance of the bride into the church and her husband, at the back near the altar, watching her gradually make her way towards him.

However, rituals have evolved and today, you can completely detach yourself from traditions and leave room for your own desires.

There are several scenarios for the first look. Here are 5 of them that I usually present to future brides and grooms.

I hope this gives you some ideas!

1/ The “classic” discovery

The classic discovery is the one I referred to above. You know, that moment we’ve all seen in the movies.

The husband standing near the altar and looking at only one person: his wife making her entrance on her father’s arm. This moment is extremely strong, all the guests have their eyes on the bride. A real immersion in a fairy tale atmosphere.

2/ The intimate first look

The intimate first look is very much inspired by American weddings. In general, it is a moment that belongs only to the bride and groom. It’s a very romantic, intimate scenario where they enter their own bubble before revealing themselves to the rest of the guests.

For that, we generally agree on a natural, wild place, ideal to realize a couple shooting before beginning the ceremony at the sides of their close relations.

3/ First look with staging

If you have a story to relive, to tell, this is a nice way to do it. You can, for example, organize a meeting between the 2 groups of witnesses in a place that is dear to you just before the civil or religious ceremony.

For example, in the photos below, the bride and groom had arranged to meet in their childhood square, surrounded by their closest friends with whom they used to meet. In this place, they had a lot of memories together. A nostalgic remake!

4/ The first look on the forecourt of the town hall

On the forecourt of the town hall, the guests are waiting for the arrival of the bride and groom. They meet in the middle of all this people a few moments before making their entry in the town hall to celebrate the ceremony.

5/ The first look in front of the family

The first look in front of the family is a relatively intimate scenario. Well, the bonus is that the family gets to witness this special moment.

So, now you know all about the first look. And, I hope these 5 scenarios will give you some ideas to organize yours. Do you have a preference?