Your wedding day is approaching quickly. Organization is becoming more and more concerning, the guest list is getting longer and longer, and all you can look forward to is being there and sharing this incredible day with all your loved ones.

The wedding is a magical event, the realization of a couple’s life but also the opening of a new way towards the future. A future for two, the beginning of a new adventure.

A photo-reportage to Immortalize your wedding

Marriage is one of the episodes of life that we want to engrave forever. You will certainly have a lot of memories in your head. But the best thing is to have the opportunity to live them again and again, to share them and let them travel through time. 

As a wedding photographer, beyond making beautiful photos, my job is to leave your mark. My photos reflect your emotions, highlight your feelings and tell the story of your love.

The wedding photographer is not only a professional taking “beautiful pictures” on your day. He is also the person who tells your story, immortalizes the key moments and allows this beautiful day to be lived in the future through the generations.

My job as a professional photographer

Where to find me?

Based in Paris, I also travel all over France. I have also covered a few weddings abroad. To tell you the truth, borders are not a limit for me! It is always a pleasure to come to meet you and discover your regions. I also like to live beautiful adventures and traveling is part of it!

How to meet me?

I find it essential to meet the bride and groom before the wedding day. Usually, after our first exchanges, we meet over a coffee. This is the moment when we can exchange and get to know each other. You tell me about your project, ask me your questions… I am there to listen to you, to discover your personality, but also to help you discover mine. If my universe and my philosophy match with yours, then our adventure begins here!

My universe and my philosophy

I like simple things, nature and little treats of life. I also like to tell stories through my photos, to catch unique and authentic emotions. Before being a professional photographer, I am a storyteller. I put the narration before the photo itself. For me, photo reports are the most beautiful way to tell a story. Your stories. To learn more about my work as a wedding photographer.

Authenticity, spontaneity and purity are the foundations of my work. The values that I wish to highlight in my work. It is these values that you will find in your photo-reports!

A professional photographer by your side for your wedding

A foretaste of your wedding

Before your wedding day, you can choose to have an engagement photo session. In that case, we will find the perfect location, the one in which you will feel most comfortable. This is also the time for you to be more confident for the big day. Indeed, it’s always a little uncomfortable to be photographed, especially when you’re not used to it. But, after a few seconds the complicity with your partner will take over. I will be there to guide you, and this session will give you a foretaste of the day.

On the D-day 

On the big day, I will follow you through all the steps: from the preparations to the evening.

When the sun sets, we will do a couple photo session. This is often the moment I prefer, the sky offers us a beautiful show, the bride and groom are relaxed and happy facing this unforgettable day. It is a pleasure for me to catch these emotions.

Sometimes, I cover the wedding until the brunch of the next day. In this way, I can photograph friendly and complicit moments between the bride and groom and their loved ones.

After your wedding day

After your wedding I will give you access to your photo gallery, covering all the moments of the day. You will be able to view them immoderately, share them with your guests or keep them in pretty albums and boxes. 

The different services for your wedding 

Choose the package of your choice

There are 3 packages that you can discover by contacting me.

These 3 packages include:

  • Our meeting over a coffee or by Skype according to your availabilities 
  • My presence that will cover all the steps of your wedding day
  • A private online gallery for you and your guests
  • HD photos that will be delivered to you within 3 weeks
  • Aerial photos
  • Photo edits

Personalize your package

Different options are available to you:

  • The renting of the Photo booth that will allow your guests to live real moments of complicity
  • Many choices of personalized wedding boxes and albums
  • My presence at the next day’s brunch
  • A photo-report at the town hall outside of the D-Day
  • An engagement session before your wedding
  • The possibility of having a second professional photographer

Get in touch with your professional photographer

Now that you know a little more about me, my work and the services I offer, I invite you to get in touch with me. This way, we can discuss your project and start together a great adventure!

They trusted me

Wandermoons, photographe de mariage basé à Paris, Ile-de-France

We discovered Aymen’s photographs via his Instagram account, a bit by chance. We fell in love with them. We wrote to him.   
We then called each other. Second crush. A story of feeling: We knew it would be him who would accompany us for our wedding.

We met him, for the first time, on D-Day. Punctual, smiling, benevolent. Aymen was, unsurprisingly, very professional. He was incredibly discreet, respectful and attentive. He was able to catch and capture the moment, naturally, without ever making us feel the presence of the lens. Because yes, my husband and I were not necessarily very comfortable being photographed. Our little apprehensions finally disappeared very quickly. 

Result: We discovered our photo report and… Third crush – because we never say 2 without 3. An absolutely beautiful rendering and well beyond our expectations. We couldn’t have dreamed of anything better.

Aymen, we are happy to have met you and would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the person you are, for your truly incredible work and for your kindness, which is visibly natural. You leave us with wonderful memories.

Thank you for everything,

Tiphaine and Julien – October 17, 2020