Family time is the most precious thing. Moments are just simple and we would like to keep in mind forever. They make us forget all that surrounds us.

Time flies, the children grow up, the parents get older.  Time passes, but the memories remain. 

A shooting to immortalize your family moments

In the life of a family, there are many significant episodes. It can be a pregnancy, the birth of a newborn, or simply, happy moments shared together. These episodes create memories that we would like to keep in mind forever.

So, if you want to immortalize these family memories, some stolen moments that will remain forever, the shooting is the perfect way to do it.

In the location of your choice, I will be able to guide you throughout the session. 

Capturing your emotions to create unique and symbolic memories, this is my vision of my profession as a professional photographer.

A professional photographer for your family session

Where to find me?

Based in Paris, I also travel all over France. Traveling is a real pleasure for me to come and meet you, to discover your regions and emblematic places.

Each family has its little heaven. It could be a symbolic place evoking a precise moment, an unforgettable memory, a family habit… And for me, coming to yours to immortalize these memories is a beautiful satisfaction.

How to meet me?

During our first exchanges, we will organize a telephone meeting during which you will talk to me about the organization of your shoot, the ideal location of the shooting, the style of photos you are looking for… In short, you will tell me all the details of your dream shoot. 

It will also be an opportunity to get to know each other. I will make you discover my work, which you can now find in the galleries and portfolio.

Following this exchange, we will agree on a date and a place for your family session.

My universe and my philosophy

I aspire to the simple things, the little pleasures that life offers us. I love nature, authenticity, purity.  

JI would even say that before being a professional photographer, I am a storyteller. I put the narration before the photo itself. For me, photo reports are the most beautiful way to tell a story, that of a couple, a newborn, a family. Find out more about me.

The day of the family session

You will be free to choose the location of the shooting. Some people prefer indoor shootings, others prefer outdoors. A park, a garden, or just your house. It’s all about finding YOUR place, a place that is dear to you and where you feel good.

My role will be to guide you throughout the session, show you some poses, or just let you do it on your own and capture your most beautiful emotions. 

The delivery of your photo-reportage

I will provide you with a private online gallery in which you will find the best pictures of your family session. You will be able to share these photos around you, print some of them or keep them in nice albums and boxes. 

By the way, the albums are very nice gifts to offer to your loved ones. What could be better than being able to leaf through your album immoderately while remembering beautiful family moments!

Types of family services

Depending on the moment of life you are going through : a pregnancy, a birth or simply family moments, you can choose the type of session that you want.

Pregnancy photo shoot

Pregnancy is a step filled with emotions, joy, fear, but above all impatience. A session alone or with your partner, outdoors or at home while waiting for your child to be born.

Newborn photo shoot

The first days of a newborn are the most beautiful. Your relationship is so strong, your child learns to know you. These moments are magical. The emotions are also very strong, both for you and your baby. Pictures are the best way to capture them.

The family session

A moment of complicity between you and your children. The family session is based on stolen moments, moments that belong to you. No frozen poses, you just enjoy this magical moment with your children. For my part, I take care to make it unique. 

Are included in your family photo reportage:

  • 2 packages (one or two hours)
  • An online photo gallery for one year
  • A minimum of 40 high definition photos

Personalize your package: 

Also, other options are available to you: 

  • Your favorite selection printed
  • Multiple choices of wooden boxes and personalized photo albums

Get in touch with your professional photographer 

Now that you know a little more about me, my work and the services I offer, I invite you to get in touch. This way, we can discuss your project and start, together, a great adventure!