A festive wedding in Les Hauts de Pardaillan

Welcome to the sparkling world of Lucie and David, a lively French-speaking couple who have chosen Les Hauts de Pardaillan as the magical backdrop to celebrate their love.

A reunion in Paris

Our first contact with Lucie and David was via a classic video call, but it was over drinks in Paris that we really connected. The couple’s spontaneity and “joie de vivre” were evident from the start, and the connection was undeniable. David, a photography enthusiast, shared my passion for capturing authentic moments.

Following this warm encounter, we decided to continue the adventure with an engagement photo shoot in Paris. We chose an atypical route, combining the rooftops of the Galerie Lafayette, the Place de la Concorde, the Paris metro, and a charming alleyway in Passy with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. These moments captured the very essence of their relationship, between complicit laughter and exchanged glances.

Les Hauts de Pardaillan

The big day has finally arrived, and I find Lucie and David surrounded by their loved ones at Les Hauts de Pardaillan. The serene atmosphere heralds an exceptional day. Preparations take place in a relaxed atmosphere, with the bridesmaids and groomsmen adding an extra touch of joy.

After all the preparations, Lucie and David chose to live a moment suspended in time, discovering each other in front of their families, a sincere and moving experience.

A luminous church in Gallardon: the ideal setting

The choice of the 8th century Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul church in Gallardon was a natural one. It’s a place I know well, and the light is exceptional. The religious ceremony was full of emotion and solemnity, sealing Lucie and David’s union in front of their loved ones.

After the ceremony, the festivities begin with a cocktail party featuring speeches by the parents, surprises and dancing in honor of the bride and groom.

A festive and unforgettable evening

After a couple’s photo session, the evening continues in a relaxed, festive atmosphere. Entertainment, surprises, and moments of sharing punctuate the evening, creating memorable moments for all guests.

Les Hauts de Pardaillan was once again a privileged witness to the love between Lucie and David. An elegant wedding, full of spontaneity, laughter and complicity. An unforgettable day that will live long in the memory, as will the magnificent photographs that immortalize these precious moments.

A huge thank you to Lucie and David for trusting me and allowing me to tell their story through my lens. Capturing these moments of happiness was a real privilege.