A bohemian wedding in Deux-Sèvres

When Marc and Laurence contacted me to immortalize the happiest day of their lives in Les Deux-Sèvres region of France, I knew right away that this would be an exceptional adventure. With Marc, a talented actor, and Laurence, an actress with undeniable charm, it was hard not to be excited about capturing their union.

Soul mates under the lens

From our first meeting, the feeling was instantaneous. Their charm, spontaneity and, above all, their complicity created a natural connection. This is exactly what I like: the authenticity and simplicity that emanate from a couple.


A few days before the big day, I took the opportunity to visit La Rochelle with my wife and our faithful four-legged companion, Flucky. This getaway an hour from the wedding venue was a welcome moment of relaxation.

The day began with the brides getting ready, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, at Marc’s parental home in Secondigné-sur-Belle. The atmosphere was one of gentle excitement, mixed with a hint of emotion.

The magical moment of the First Look

Laurence and Marc then met up in the garden for a discovery photo session, a moment of great emotional intensity. Their knowing glances spoke volumes about the love between them.

This extraordinary day in the Deux-Sèvres was followed by a series of equally memorable events.

An unforgettable ceremony

The town hall was the scene of their civil union, celebrated in a touching ceremony by Marc’s mother. This personal touch brought a unique dimension to the moment, already giving way to a few tears of emotion.

The Domaine de la Gravette in Beauvoir-sur-Niort was the setting for a simply sumptuous secular ceremony. Laughter, tears, song and emotion punctuated this magical moment when all the guests were transported into the spellbinding world of Marc and Laurence.

At dusk, under the last rays of sunlight, we captured tender moments of the couple. No direction was needed, as Marc and Laurence were so at ease in front of the lens, offering natural-looking shots.

Emotional speeches, a sparkling exit with magic candles, a ball opening worthy of a fairy tale… Every moment of the day was an important part of Marc and Laurence’s love story.

It was a memorable day, a celebration of love in all its splendor, orchestrated by a couple as talented as they were warm. Marc and Laurence created a wedding in their image, full of sincerity and joy, and I had the privilege of capturing every moment of it. It was an unforgettable adventure, in the image of their love.