Photo d'engagement au coucher de soleil

An engagement session in Oise

Before D-day, the big day when the bride and groom say “I do”, some couples come to me to immortalize their last moments together, unmarried. And it’s usually around an engagement session that we get together.

This time, it was Audrey and Simon who lent themselves to the game for a few hours for a shoot of this type. We found ourselves in Meux in the Oise region, at the same location where the wedding would take place three days later…

A Golden Hour engagement session

In fact, it was here, on this family estate, that their parents had said yes to each other a few years earlier.

This engagement session actually allowed the couple to relax in front of the camera and feel more confident about their wedding day. So, no surprises on D-day! They know what to expect, and take the opportunity to discover my way of working!

It wasn’t long before they were completely at ease in front of the camera. For my part, I kept a low profile to keep the photos as authentic as possible.

The sunset provided a beautiful light for the couple and the various corners of the property made for some superb outdoor shots. This is the advantage of engagement sessions: the couple can choose when and where to hold it.

A few days later, we found ourselves at the same location, this time surrounded by a few more people, a blazing sun and, above all, a married couple… You can discover Audrey and Simon’s country wedding right here : A wedding in Meux, Oise

It was the start of a wonderful adventure!