Price of a wedding photographer: My 5 Tips for choosing a photographer according to your budget

The price of a wedding photographer is not fixed. According to your budget and your priorities, you will find the photographer who will allow your big day to be immortalized. Keep in mind that to prepare a wedding is above all to define a budget!

As for the choice of the photographer, it is not to be neglected either, because it is him and only him who will allow your day to be immortalized. Choosing the right wedding photographer also means having a reassuring presence at your side on the big day. In France, the average price of a wedding photographer is around 1200 €, but by reading this article, you will see that there are photographers for all prices.

In this way, my goal is to present you the different categories of photographers, their prices and what is behind them. From my experience, I will give you my practical advice to choose your wedding photographer according to your budget.

However, beyond the prices, keep in mind that the feeling is essential!

The different price range of a wedding photographer according to your budget

I started my career as a computer scientist, then one day I started wedding photography. In a very short time I discovered a passion, that of being able to engrave your memories in time through my photos (link to galleries). After a few weddings, I decided to take the plunge and dedicate all of my time to photography.

Tarifs photographe mariage

From my background, I think I can classify photographers in 4 categories. Be careful, this study is entirely subjective, based on my own experience. In other words, there are always exceptions!

Amateur photographers

These people are passionate about photography. Couples may have asked them to photograph their wedding because the style matched their expectations or they had a clear idea of who they were. These photographers usually have little experience in the wedding industry, so like you, they are discovering the big day.

The amateurs can also be people wishing to supplement their income with wedding photography from time to time.

For your information, professional photographers cover an average of 25 to 30 weddings per year during peak season.

It will require a budget below 1000 euros for amateur photographers.

However, sometimes their lack of experience and adequate professional equipment does not guarantee you an exceptional result… So do your research and check the feedback !

Early career or dual career photographers

These photographers have already done a few weddings and now want to make it a full-fledged business.

Generally, it is a second job that they develop as an auto-entrepreneur and that they accumulate in addition to their job. Thus, sometimes you have to be patient in terms of delivery time.

They are more experienced than the first category but not yet experts in the field. The price range of their services is between 1000 € and 1500 €.

Professional photographers

Professional photographers dedicate 100% of their activity to photography. The quality of their work is guaranteed by their experience and the professional equipment they use.

It will be necessary to plan a budget higher than 1500 €, but these rates are justified by their professional performance. The signature of a contract will also guarantee the quality of the service.

High budget photographers

Premium photographers are very experienced in this field. Their years of experience and their notoriety justify the high prices. Indeed, these photographers are famous in the field and therefore, very coveted. Their prices are very high: more than 3500 €.

Wedding photographer prices: What is behind these prices?

As you can see, choosing a wedding photographer also means setting priorities for the big day and especially defining a budget beforehand.

Conseils pour choisir son photographe en fonction de son budget

Many people tend to wonder why the wedding photographer offers such expensive services? And what is behind the prices of the wedding photographer?

So, in order to enlighten you on the subject, I will answer this question in three points.


Don’t just count the time covered by the wedding photographer on the big day, the job includes much more than that. Believe me, it is a job that requires a lot of organization and good time management. You have to count the pre-wedding, the big day but also the time after the D-day.

Thus, for a professional photographer, the coverage of a wedding will require 30 hours minimum.

If I take the example of a typical wedding with a presence all day long, it will be necessary to take into account :

  • 2 hours of appointments
  • 1 hour of exchange and administrative management (contract signature, estimate, etc.)
  • 1 hour of preparation of the material before the D-day
  • 12 hours of presence on the wedding day
  • 2 hours of travel time
  • 3 hours to save and select the photos of the day
  • 10 hours on average to retouch about 700 photos
  • 1 hour to create the gallery and deliver the photos

Artistic style and experience

The identity of the photographer is also an element to take into account. If he presents a unique universe, out of the ordinary, then his artistic touch will justify higher prices.

An other element is the experience of the photographer and the quality of his service. The more experience the photographer has, the more confirmed he will be in the field and his expertise will guarantee you a quality service.

Finally, the equipment used also explains the prices of a wedding photographer.

The company’s structure

The structure of the company also impacts the price of a wedding photographer. He can work alone, with an associate or an assistant.

Budget of a wedding photographer: my 5 tips to choose your photographer according to your budget

Prix d'un photographe de mariage

1. Set your priorities

Before you start your search, it is essential to set priorities.

You will be faced with a multitude of proposals, and in this case, you will have to make choices regarding your budget.

Indeed, some choose to spend their entire budget on a photographer’s style while others prefer packages at the same price including various elements.

Therefore, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions:

  • Allocate the entire budget to photography or choose a budget combining photos and videos?
  • To do without the wedding book? You can do it alone, if you want to.
  • Choose a Photo Booth or not

2. Set your budget according to your priorities

It is essential to define a price range. According to it you will have a clearer idea of the type of photographer to contract for your wedding.

It often happens that you fall in love with a photographer, his universe, his experience and the quality of his work make you more confident… In this case, why not plan a small margin in addition to the initial budget?

Thus, your choice should not only be based on the price of the wedding photographer but also on the feeling the day of your meeting.

3. Contact your photographer in advance

Usually, most brides and grooms book their photographer 9 months in advance. And they are right. The best photographers are usually in high demand and as a result, the seasons are booked up in a hurry. It is therefore very important to anticipate and contact them in advance. Put all the chances on your side!

4. Meet your photographer to discover his personality

While doing your research, you will surely have several crushes. In this case, the meeting is the best way to find the one who will know how to be your best ally on D-day.

Wedding photography is above all a human work, and it is essential to feel in confidence with your photographer. If you meet the photographer, you will have a more concrete idea of who is he.

5. Rely on testimonials

With Internet it is very easy to find reviews on photographers. Google,, social networks are very good ways to get feedback from former brides and grooms. Testimonials are a guarantee of confidence!

Now that you know more about the photographers, their prices and the steps to follow to choose the one that suits you, it’s time to start your research!

Take the time to set your budget, define your priorities and above all trust your instincts!