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A Franco-American wedding in Normandy

She is French, he is American, and they both live in Lexington, USA. Hélène and Robert have chosen to celebrate their Union in the north of France (more precisely in the castle of Hugleville-en-Caux, Normandy). And what a pleasure to be part of this wonderful day!

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to meet Hélène and Robert before their wedding like I usually do.  Due to a lack of time and above all the distance between us… However this didn’t prevent us from getting along well. Their spontaneity and friendliness allowed me to spend a pleasant moment in their company. This made my task much easier, and allowed me to take pictures the way I like them: spontaneous and authentic, just like this beautiful couple.

Let’s go back a little bit on the highlights of this day. We are at the beginning of spring (April 13 to be exact). After a long and cold winter, we were pleasantly surprised by a warm and sunny day. We could not hope for better when we organize a wedding in the north of France at this time of the year.

When I arrived on the scene, I was already under the spell of this simple and elegant setting. The preparations took place in a wonderful atmosphere.

The religious ceremony took place in the church of Auffay. The atmosphere was warm and very friendly even if half of the guests (Americans of course) did not understand a word the priest said.

Back at the Château d’Hugleville-en-Caux, time for the wine of honor and the evening. This day was a great success! I had seen everything in this wedding: emotions, tears of joy, friendly guests and above all an atmosphere of madness. The kind of wedding that reminds me why I love this job so much. 

Thank you Hélène and Robert for these pleasant moments, for your trust and especially for your joie de vivre!

Feedback from Hélène :

“Professional, easy, fast, talented, discreet. The photos of our wedding are beautiful, original and exactly as we wished them to be. They perfectly reflect the day/evening. 

Aymen does the work of two photographers easily alone. 

The website with the photos is easy to use, share and download. 

We highly recommend Aymen. 

PS: I hadn’t prepared anything, all the poses, pictures, shots were decided by Aymen (thank God)”.